Thursday, June 5, 2014

Newest Spirit Dolls....

Just completed these four dolls....
Freya is the Norse Goddess of the earth, fertility and beauty. She is known for being one of  the most beautiful and
propitious of the goddesses.
Rejoicing in the beauty of life, her arms are extended in her Dance of Delight.

Freya reminds you
to dance with
your creativity,
to live with
contentment and peace.
Her dream catcher will
assist you in manifesting
 your dreams.
Her armband of
Baltic Amter is a powerful chakra cleanser and healer.
At a physical level, Amber
imbues the body
with vitality, creativity,
 and great abilities.

May Freya remind you of
your greatness and
potential for amazing
vitality, and creativity.

Shekinah is sometimes described as the Tree of Life itself, as in Proverbs
“Her ways are of pleasantness, and her
paths are peace, and
happy is every one that retaineth her.”

Her necklace is a replica of a Native American pottery shard, impressed with The Tree of Life an ancient symbol of wisdom,
protection, strength, bounty, beauty, and redemption.

In ancient mythology, the fish is a symbol of
transformation and creation.
Ancient Celts credited fish with knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and prophecy.

Shekinah was created with rescued designer fabrics and trims, and other
found objects.

May Shekinah support you with her wisdom, bounty, blessings of health
and prosperity.


Goddess of Balance & Passion
Ma’at is wearing a balance of black and white, each signifying the opposite of the other. She is also wearing grey, the combination of the two.
She reminds us, that in life, balance is important.
Her accents of red as well as her light catcher of red, symbolizes her passion for life and creativity.

Her necklace is  shard of Selenite, know to have
many metaphysical and healing benefits.

Ma’at also holds a small prayer pouch in which you can place
a wish or prayer.

Ma’at was created with
rescued designer fabrics &
trims, & other found objects.

May Ma’at bring balance to your life. May she bless you
with joy, creativity,
and a life full of love


  1. The spirit dolls are wonderful. You are amazingly talented!

  2. Hi Chris, I couldn't find Shekinah on Etsy. She's AWESOME! Beautiful work.