Monday, July 28, 2014

Invite the Angels....

Invite the Archangels to Visit for Five Days

Dear Friends,
archmichaelYou are invited to host Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron from FRIDAY, August 1st, 2014, and then you can find three people to host them from August 10th  and so on (5 24-hour days on, 5 off, etc… don’t get too hung up on the math!).
The Archangels stay with you for 5 days, bringing healing, support and much more to assist you and your journey. They have five days off in between the people who host them before they move on. You, your home and everyone and everything in your home will be blessed by the angels during the time of their visit with you. It helps to bring more light and peace and love to your home.
The hosting of the Archangels was started in New York in 2010 through someone’s spiritual guidance. It is an honor and a gift to allow your family and home to be imprinted with their LIGHT, but it does ask for your personal participation.
Keep in mind that by hosting the five Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron, you are assisting them to serve humanity, Mother Earth and all universes in more direct ways and they thank you for your willingness to participate.
Just an extra bit of information:
  • Archangel Michael is the Head Archangel. His name means “One who looks like God.” He helps to clears toxins associated with fear, assists in people’s life purpose and career path, abundance, protection, defense, power, justice and strength. He is in the position of South.
  • Uriel assists with enlightenment, heals every aspect of your life, unconditional forgiveness, peace. He is in charge of the nature spirits and is in the position of North. 
  • Raphael is healer of mind, thoughts, body and soul, custodian of The Tree of Life (Kabala), God’s Physician. He is the angel of divine healing and is in the position of East.
  • Gabriel brings good news in abundance, discerning messages received and what we give out. He is a messenger between Heaven and Earth, communication, writing & art. He helps with balance of energies. He is the angel for announcing and carrying our prayers and intentions to God and stands in the position of West.  
  • Metatron looks after children, led the children of Israel out of the wilderness. He can transmute time and space, sacred geometry. Some say he is the overseer of all of the angels and nature spirits.
They all work with God to make sure that you are kept safe and protected. In these times of so many earth shifts and changes on the planet, it is very helpful to know and work with the beings of light who help us work with the energies of earth, air, fire, and water and who can help us restore peace and harmony to Mother Earth.  So I hope you will feel called to invite them into your home and heart.

After their visit, you can ask them to visit 3 (or more!) different people and give them their addresses. Send the next hosts the ritual below, and specify to them the date of arrival and departure of the Archangels from their home. The time (10:30pm) stays the same – and it is always the local time. The Archangels’ stay is always 5 full 24-hour days, and then they rest for 5 days before coming back for another 5 days on Earth and so on. (They can visit an unlimited number of people.. )
The Ritual:
You will welcome and host them for 5 days after having prepared a little altar with:
  • A white flower (or bouquet)
  • A candle that will stay on the all time they are with you (It needs to be on shortly before they arrive to show them where they are awaited. If needed, it can be blown out when you go out)
  • An envelope containing a letter with 3 wishes. One for Mother Earth. One for your Family. One for You. Formulate the wishes the most simple way. Not too many details. Summarize the best you can.
  • On the envelope, you will put an apple that you will eat after they leave.
  • The house should be tidy.
Light the candle a few minutes before their arrival. When they will arrive in front of your home at 10:30pm sharp, you must open the front door and read this prayer:
“Please enter Archangels, and be welcome. You were sent to me from Jeanine Sande (fill in name of person who sent them)
Thank you for coming here and for enveloping my home, all within, and all who visit, with purity and peace. Thank you for having chosen to come here and bless my life and the lives of the people around me with Harmony, Love, Joy, Wisdom, and Strength.
Thank you for granting me my wishes.”

From that moment, the Archangels make things happen!
  • It is recommended to meditate and to ask questions during the day. There is no limitation. TRUST.
  • They can be in more than one place at a time. When you go out, you can ask them to come with you, if appropriate.
  • You can sit at a table with a piece of paper and a pen and ask questions around 10:30pm.  You will easily get responses this way if your other spiritual channels are not already opened.
  • You may be awake between 3am and 5am with insights and guidance.
  • Start to prepare the list of the names and addresses of the 3 people who you will ask the Archangels to visit after you.
Farewell Ceremony: When it is time for them to leave: 10:30pm on the 5th day, say the following:
“Thank you dearest Archangels, for visiting my home and for your blessings upon me, all within, and all visitors. Thank you for your blessings of Harmony, Love, Joy, Wisdom and Strength, that are for my benefit and for the benefit of others. Thank you also for the work you have done and are doing to fulfill the three wishes which are very important to me. Goodbye Dearest Archangels. Please go to the following people:…(say out loud the names and addresses)
Open your front door and wish them a good trip.
Once they have left (that night or the next day):
  • Burn the envelope with your wishes in order to free the energy to allow them to happen. Take the ashes and drop them in a stream of water (not stagnant water). If you live in a cold country, the kitchen sink is acceptable as the water will be recycled to Mother Earth. Express your gratitude.
  • Eat the apple. It will contain lots of good nutrients and more for you.
  • Place the flower outside directly on Mother Earth so that it recycles in a natural way.
  • Send this Ritual to the people who will host them next.
(Note: Relax and enjoy, get creative. Pass the angels on to as many or as few friends as you choose. About the candle, I got a big candle, and am blowing it out at night and when I leave. You can also use tea lites. Give yourself permission to think outside of the “rules”. Some people have re-invited the angels to come on their own, without needing anyone to send them. Another will send them away on the specified date, and ask them to return five days later. Others have kept the altar going, and not sent them off at all.)
** I need your name and physical address to send the Archangels to you! Please email me the info at
Enjoy the Sweetest Blessings,
PS Thank you Jeanne Sande for this beautiful write up!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Welcome to my Spirit Doll Studio

Welcome friends! Please, grab a cup of coffee or tea, relax, and enjoy your visit to my studio. We are located high in the Santa Cruz Mountains, deep in the wonderful Redwoods. Please enjoy your visit, and come back often. Wonderful friendships have come from blogging, and especially from a blog hop like this!

Oh… and I have a give-away for you! Just leave a comment, and become a member, and in 30 days I’ll give away two of my “How to Create a Spirit Doll” books!  

They are selling on Etsy right now for $14.95. Here’s your chance to get one free! My hope is that you’ll be excited about creating your own Spirit Dolls! I’m ALWAYS available for questions or guidance… please feel free to email me!

So, here is my home and studio…. We live in a funky but sweet 
old cottage in the woods.
 I'm usually out here working with the early morning sun...


Don't be shy... 
come on in 
have a look 

May I introduce you to Pachama...
She stands 28" tall and 25" wide.
As an Andian deity insures inner strength and creativity.
The powerful Selenite Crystal in her headdress draws the light from Higher Realms.
Close to her womb, cradled in a bed of fern,she protects all humanity.
Her Prayer Stick directs your positive desires.
Her seedpods inspire your creative fertility.
Her feathers carry your prayers with every breeze,
in the tradition of the Tibetan Prayer Flags.
Her braided cord is a woven ‘Kumihimo’ in the Ancient Japanese Tradition,
reminding you of the ‘Braid of Life’ weaving us all together.
So, let's take a look around.....
Right off, you'll notice floor to ceiling shelves of supplies.
Sometimes, I get all the fabrics folded. These are actually smaller pieces of 
rescued designer fabrics I use to make the clothing for my Spirit Dolls.
I love using old hat boxes for trims and laces. And here you also see an antique Victorian desk organizer, trying to hold onto some trims and fringes... but they keep spilling out!
While I love using vintage storage solutions... 
I've found the portable 12x12 plastic storage containers just 
PERFECT for so many of my Spirit Doll activities. 
I'll show you what's in the containers a bit further down.
Turning your back on the storage wall you can see the front door and a mish-mash of supplies. I always look beyond the mess, out to the amazing view of the Redwoods.
Like this...
Okay... focusing again. Here's my sewing center with my dear Janome...
Here's a peek into one of the wire mesh drawers where I store more fabric.
 I love that I can see through them. I try to keep them color coordinated.
The late afternoon sun creates beautiful color through my bottle collection.
To the left of the door is yet another window. You can also see the pegboard that holds lots of supplies, to keep them close at hand.
My Ikea cabinets provide both out-of-sight storage and a great work space.
Paints, varnishes, a jumble of this and that.
The drawers keep me organized... WHEN I put things away!
This is the far left side of my work space... more windows of course. My table is so messy, I'm keeping the camera focused up, so you can't see how disorganized I am! I had it all cleaned up for the 'photo shoot'... but got distracted on another project. oh well.

So... what's in all these boxes?
Fun stuff... like seed pods....
And feathers, and miniature prayer sticks....
This box contains my miniature Wisdom Book supplies. Wonderful small pieces of leather, weathered old papers, some hand-made beads for closures, and leather cording.
Here are two little Wisdom Books made from these supplies....

Here is a vast amount of Spirit faces and adornments to call upon...
Another box for Blessing Stones and Spirit Rocks...
My 'go-to' box of jewels....
A box with just wire ribbons (also from Fabmo, where you can find amazing rescued designer fabrics and trims!)

More trims from Fabmo... great for hair on the Spirit Dolls.

These shorter trims are great....  makes for wild hair and head-pieces.

I know. This is ridiculous! I've been picking up embroidery floss at garage sales for years. The amazing wide variety of colors have saved me many a time!
A yummy stash of 'finer' silks... all vintage.

Another box is crammed full of fabulous Mulberry paper flowers.... 
great for anything from greeting cards to hair adornments.
 A container of Selenite, crystals, shards, and stones.... My girlfriend Maja sent me the 300 year old pottery shards she collected in the New Mexico desert... along with selenite crystals.

Wow... it's beginning to look like I just can't show you everything!
So... here are just a few of my Spirit Dolls, created from all these supplies.....



So, what follows are just a few of the other creations that have been created here... You can click on the 'Spirit Doll Gallery' for lots of pictures of the Spirit Dolls!
Many books of lace.... I love working with layers upon layers of vintage laces....

Here's a pile of lace books....
And, with some of those designer fabrics, here are a few Gypsy Purses....
And, at least once a year I break out the paste paper paints 
and go to town creating fun paste papers to use as journal covers.

Friday, July 4, 2014

BOOK launching!

It's DONE! Just listed on Etsy, How to Create your own Spirit DollS! 80 pages, 150 color pictures, digital format (pdf)... User friendly! IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD! Lots of fabulous examples! Instructions for three different style dolls! 3 meditations to connect you with  your Sacred Muse! Hard copy will come out this Fall on Amazon. See it now, HERE!

Table of Contents
2     Acknowledgements of Gratitude and Thanks
4     Introduction
7     Basic Supplies
                 The Making of Three Spirit Dolls
9     Anatomy of a Spirit Doll
20   A Spirit Doll of Lacy Moss
35    A Simple Prayer Doll
45    Meditations
                  46    Chakra Cleansing to Welcome your Sacred Muse
53    Sacred Grandmother’s Counsel
61    Gaia’s Wisdom and Prayer
65    The ‘Rest of the Story’ – Supplies You’ll Love!
69    Guest Gallery
74    Gallery of Spirit Dolls