Friday, July 4, 2014

BOOK launching!

It's DONE! Just listed on Etsy, How to Create your own Spirit DollS! 80 pages, 150 color pictures, digital format (pdf)... User friendly! IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD! Lots of fabulous examples! Instructions for three different style dolls! 3 meditations to connect you with  your Sacred Muse! Hard copy will come out this Fall on Amazon. See it now, HERE!

Table of Contents
2     Acknowledgements of Gratitude and Thanks
4     Introduction
7     Basic Supplies
                 The Making of Three Spirit Dolls
9     Anatomy of a Spirit Doll
20   A Spirit Doll of Lacy Moss
35    A Simple Prayer Doll
45    Meditations
                  46    Chakra Cleansing to Welcome your Sacred Muse
53    Sacred Grandmother’s Counsel
61    Gaia’s Wisdom and Prayer
65    The ‘Rest of the Story’ – Supplies You’ll Love!
69    Guest Gallery
74    Gallery of Spirit Dolls

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